PAPI Top 100 Pornstars website

By pAPI Team
PAPI Top 100 Pornstars website

In the last couple of days we launched a new mini project - Top 100 Pornstar Lists.

We did this for a few reasons:

  1. We need to improve the SEO scores to help pAPI be more successful and sustainable in the future.
  2. We wanted to rebuild the website in the very cool Astro static site generator.
  3. We wanted to easily be able to find popular pornstars based on certain criteria, and,
  4. We wanted to host a website using coolify

So, instead of sleeping - we built the thing and you can check it out here: Top 100 pornstars

Suggest a pornstar top 100 list

Right now we have 3 categories and plans for more:

  1. Global top 100 pornstars
  2. top 100 big tits pornstars
  3. top 100 huge tits pornstars
  4. top black pornstars

We already have plans to add in the following:

  1. Top tiny waist, big tits pornstars
  2. Top 18 - 21 year old pornstars
  3. Top black pornstars
  4. Top latin pornstars
  5. Top asian pornstars
  6. Top European pornstars
  7. Top South American pornstars
  8. Top pornstars by country

UPDATE: We just added the top 100 small tits pornstars list which have a cups size of C and B, and for the people who love pornstars with tiny tits, we added this category too. the top 100 Tiny tits pornstars list is pornstars with a cup size of A or below

Would you like to suggest a list that we haven’t mentioned here? We’d love for you to drop us an email at: wwars[at]protonmail[dot]com

Technical jargon if you’re interested.

We’re testing out running a mid-sized website using both Astro and Coolify. The developer experience of Astro has been pretty great so far, even though I don’t know that much vanilla Javascript. Fetching and processing data is easy, templating is very well thought out and documented and the integrations are easy to use and easy to install.

We’re using Tailwind CSS plus Daisy UI to get us up and running with some pre built components (think Bootstrap for Tailwind). The Astro / Tailwind integration makes using tailwind a breeze. We’re also using the Astro Image integration plus the added image processing from sharp. Again, easy to install and use. Finally, we’re using the Astro Sitemap integration which is plug and play, we wan’t Google to index more pages so generating a sitemap allows us to submit our whole site directly to Google via Google Search Console.

Would you like to contribute?

We’re looking for contributors to help us build this project into something a little better and maybe more useful. Would you like to contribute? Email us at wwars[at]protonmail[dot]com