Pornstar Data Roundup for December 2022

By pAPI Team
Pornstar Data Roundup for December 2022

Each year pornhub releases a ‘Insights on Pornhub’ report, it’s brilliant. You can read it here:

They love data as much as I do but they’re a lot better at visualising it, tracking it and analysing it. When it comes to pornstar data, it’s a great source of what is popular and I can imagine a lot of porn studios use these trends to decide which scenes to create.

We have some pornstar data too! Outside of our day jobs, we’re trying to build and promote into the most popular API for porn data. Before a potential user of the API uses the API, they often check out the pornstar data thats available on our main site,

The following is some data that we’ve captured from there during December 2022, broken down into categories from the analytics tool that we use, Plausible Analytics.

Most Viewed Pornstars

  1. Natasha Nice - The big titted French woman takes the top spot!
  2. Nicole Aniston
  3. Amelie Lou
  4. Blake Blossom
  5. Christie Stevens
  6. Octavia Red
  7. Anissa Kate
  8. Mackenzie Mace
  9. Julia Ann
  10. Ariella Ferrera

All these pornstars spent a fair bit of time on the homepage during December, so this is not really a huge suprise, but it is totally different from pornhubs search data, which does make things pretty interesting. Pornhub data vs data

Top Referring Websites

A huge 97% of traffic came from 3 sources, Google, Reddit and Rapid API. We’re happy to see Google take the top spot since we’ve been working hard to rank higher, so we can make more revenue and build out the API even further.

Top countries looking for pornstar data

This list surprised us a lot. But the pornstar data stats don’t lie! here is the top 10 countries looking for porn data.

🇺🇸 United States (24%)

🇮🇳 India (11%)

🇫🇷 France (7%)

🇩🇪 Germany (5%)

🇬🇧 United Kingdom (5%)

🇪🇸 Spain (4%)

🇨🇦 Canada (3%)

🇫🇮 Finland (3%)

🇳🇱 Netherlands (3%)

🇱🇧 Lebanon (3%)

Wrapping up our roundup for porn data

Did you find this data and content interesting? Would you like us to do more of this or write about and create something else? Please drop us a line and let me know at wwars[at]protonmail[dot]com