Our Pornstar API is now only $5 a month for the next 69 users

By pAPI Team
Our Pornstar API is now only $5 a month for the next 69 users

It took us longer than we had hoped, but we’re ready to launch our premium subscription for only $5 monthly for the first 69 sign-ups.

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Rebuilt scraping tools to access pornstar data

We’ve been hard at work rebuilding our internal tools that grab the pornstar data, making our codebase smaller and easier to maintain. This whole project was an idea we had over a weekend last year. We had an initial sprint to see what we could achieve, what data we could grab, and what would be the best way to structure this for our projects and yours.

Since then, we’ve worked on projects to showcase the API, using technologies like Vue.js on our main pornstar data site and docs and Astro on this blog and our Top 100 Pornstars.

It’s been on our roadmap to tidy this up and make it more robust, so seeing this come together is nice.

Existing pAPI customers are also eligible

We’ve been supported by the people who have been signed up for our premium package, and you’ve been the people who have driven this project forward. We are eternally grateful. If you wish to switch to this new plan, email us at wwars[at]protonmail.com, and we’ll switch your plan.

New code, more inclusive

Our aim is to make this API as close to FREE as possible. This is our first commitment to that aim. We initially wanted to offer 200 $5-a-month spots, but we want to make sure the performance remains perfect before we open up any more reduced-price spots.

Be fast to grab this (Here are our current numbers)

Over the past 8 months, we’ve built up an audience for our API via different online channels. Our main site gets ~1000 unique visitors per month, and this blog is now racking up ~ 400 unique visitors too. In terms of free users, the pornstar API has over 2000 free users via RapidAPI, so we expect this offer to expire FAST! We hope you subscribe in time!

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-pAPI Team